Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The movie is so dark and blurry when will the HD copy be released?

A: In the early release of movies it is natural for them to be dark/blurry because the video is in camrip quality, meaning it is illegaly taken from a camcorder inside a cinema and rip it from a camcorder to publish it online.

Q: So when will the HD copy be released?

A: It will be released after 1 to 2 months prior to the movie release date. For ex. when the movie is released on the month of June, the HD copy will be released on July or August, 1-2 months after the release.

Q: The movie player is loading slowly and taking too much time to play?

A: Sometimes these could happen on newly uploaded movies and when the site is taking too much traffic, so give it some time to breathe and wait for a while.

Q: I am getting error “Error loading player: No playable sources found”?
A: This error sometimes appear when the video file has been deleted or not available for playing, if you encounter such error please report it immediately.